We analyzed the top startups in Big Tech’s post-COVID push to gain share in Mobility, AI, and Emerging Markets

From high-risk startups to high-liquidity tech leaders in 20-ish years

The pandemic devastated the economy on a global scale, but you can’t deny that it had a positive effect for a handful of companies. Tech giants (Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple, etc.) have outperformed traditional stock market listings across the board and recorded record revenues throughout the crisis. NYT reports…


We’ve made it our mission to help them find their [startup/corporate] soulmates and realize they’re meant to be [strategic partners] — (PART II)

We see it all the time. As the startup engagement unit of MHP, a Porsche-owned consultancy that brings digitalization, IT innovation, and process optimization to over 300 corporate clients in mobility & manufacturing, the dynamics team acts as the bridge that connects the worlds of startup and corporate. …


What exactly is ‘deeptech’ and why is it a double-edged sword? (PART I)

Aside from being a hot buzzword on the tip of the (techies’) tongue, ‘deeptech’ is a term for a category engulfed in ambiguity. It’s surprisingly hard to find a concrete definition of what exactly constitutes deeptech, even after diligently scouring the internet for hard facts and features. …


HERE's Christof Hellmis on the art & science of developing next-generation location intelligence services, democratizing car sensor & map data, and the collaborative future of mobility

As the industry & the public look forward to self-driving cars, the technologies needed for full autonomy are already being implemented today. Mapping is an often-overlooked but critical element in the development of automated & autonomous driving.

Following the expert discussion from our FirstTuesday “ADAS: tomorrow’s tech in today’s cars”…


Comparing the carbon footprint of 9 ‘green’ new mobility vehicles

For over a decade or two, the automotive and transportation industry has been taking incremental steps toward making mobility more sustainable. Dieselgate put that slow shift into high gear.

As cities become more congested and more connected, the push for sustainability has led to the development of creative alternative means…

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